The Great Yogurt Health Hoax: Are You Getting Your Probiotics?

My name is Dr. David Brownstein and I am a board-certified family physician and the editor of the popular health newsletter Dr. Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health. I think the following information will be of significant value to your overall health and wellness – and particularly your digestive health.

As a medical doctor and one of the foremost authorities on holistic medicine, I believe in practicing what I preach. I credit my own robust health to a balanced approach, including a good diet, daily exercise, and targeted supplements.

And as a practitioner of holistic medicine and natural ways to health, I am particularly interested in digestive health, where the majority of your immune system lives. While keeping up with the latest research on many nutrients, I’ve found that this all-natural nutrient stands out as the must-have “digestive booster.”

This digestive-boosting nutrient is probiotics or “friendly bacteria.” It plays a crucial role in promoting absorption of the maximum amount of nutrients from food in your stomach. What’s more, many studies have been done to confirm that probiotics lower the risk of diarrhea associated with the use of antibiotic drugs.

Friendly bacteria should make up about 85% of the bacteria in your gut; however, several studies, including one out of Johns Hopkins, report that with aging, the population of friendly bacteria becomes significantly reduced. That means people in an older age group may be at risk of occasional bathroom frustrations such as:

✓ Constipation

✓ Diarrhea

✓ Irregular bowel movements

✓ Gas or bloating

✓ Abdominal discomfort

Numerous studies show that probiotics could actually support a healthy immune system. A 2010 study by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine suggests that introducing probiotics into the gut may help maintain immune system activity.

For these reasons and more, people have been indulging on store-bought yogurt. Food manufacturers would like you to believe that this is an excellent source of probiotics, but the sad truth is that most yogurt products may be a waste of your hard-earned money.

Unfortunately, most commercial yogurts are loaded with sugar and other additives, and often are heat processed or pasteurized, which may destroy some of their live bacterial cultures. Additionally, many people have problems digesting dairy products, and the pasteurization process may kill the lactase enzyme, which would have made the dairy product more easily digestible.

For this reason, using a high-quality probiotic supplement is the only way to guarantee maximum health benefits.

Because of all the documented benefits provided by probiotics and the shortcomings of the food industry, I recently teamed up with Medix Select to create an all-natural supplement containing probiotics and a blend of other digestion-boosting nutrients called Bactipro™.

This tasty tummy-friendly wafer includes a strategic blend of all the nutrients your digestive system needs for optimal health. The formula delivers six live powerful probiotic strains, essential fiber, and nourishing prebiotics, plus a generous blend of healthful antioxidants and phytonutrients in one tasty, chewable wafer.

Because I believe so strongly in Bactipro™, I’ve asked Medix Select to reserve a 30-day supply of Bactipro just for you as part of a limited-time special offer. You merely cover a small $4.95 shipping fee and will be enrolled in a convenient and affordable Smart Ship program. No worries, you can easily cancel at any time if you are not completely satisfied with your results.

In addition to receiving a 30-day supply of Bactipro™ (a $39.95 value), I will also send you a copy of my Special Health Report “A Doctor’s Guide to Probiotics and Your Health” (a $20 value) for FREE as part of this special offer. That’s a total value of almost $60 – yours for only $4.95.

Click here for you 30-day supply bottle of Bactipro™ or just to get the complete details on this special offer and more information about this natural support for your digestive system.

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And in this newly released complimentary video presentation, you’ll see a number ofsimple strategies — much more effective than yogurt — to help you put the brakes on embarrassing bowel concerns like constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, and abdominal discomfort.
When you watch this short video, you’ll discover:
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  • How to battle the little-known but crucial digestive issue plaguing America’s senior population . . .
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